Chronic shoulder injury

I’ve suffered with back, neck and shoulder problems since a football injury when I was 15 years old; I’m now 37. The original injury was a broken collar bone and a broken shoulder blade, and for over twenty years I have¬†intermittently been treated by various physiotherapists and chiropractors.

To their credit, I’ve been provided with temporary ‘quick fixes’ each time I’ve had problems.

¬†My experience with 3 Hares Clinic has been different. It’s not just about the relaxed environment; Tom has identified areas that were injured but have been left untreated for over 20 years. He explains the techniques he’s using, ensures that you’re comfort and welfare is paramount, and provides advice, tips and guidance on aftercare.

This has made a big difference to my life; I can’t even feel the shoulder injury after having just a few sessions.

Gary, Ellesmere Port.