Chronic lumbar disc injury

I would like to say that Tom really worked a miracle in my eyes.

I am former soldier of 24 years service. During my time I served in the various the conflicts of Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia. Due to the arduous nature of service life and my love for body power sports my back began to take its toll. The pain became that serious in 2006 that it held back my chances of promotion. I suffered the pain, took pills and was the burden of many physiotherapists. Unfortunately for me my pain continued right until discharge in 2013.

Tom was recommended to me by someone at a local gym. Initially he carried out a full examination of my bodily movements and rapidly diagnosed the causes of the pain. Through a series of treatments over a relatively short period time, desirable results were achieved. I can honestly say I am now pain free. And it is with great thanks to Tom’s expertise I can now carry out the simple tasks at home. Tom is a true professional, a fantastic Osteopath and a great guy who really does know how to deliver. And I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone who feels they are suffering.

Jason James