Sports Osteopathy & Massage

Sports Osteopathy & Massage

Sports Massage

Osteopathy for sports people can be an excellent way of enhancing performance, reducing the chances of injury and improving recovery from both activity and injury. Many professional athletes use the services of Osteopaths in this way to keep their bodies functioning to their optimum.

Our Osteopaths have experience working with athletes from amateurs and juniors right the way through to elite club and international level. A program of Osteopathic treatment is a great way in helping to achieve challenging physical goals.

Massage provides therapeutic effects by manipulating and rehabilitating the soft tissues of the body it relax muscles and improve recovery time from injury. We use a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology which can create far reaching effects on musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous and lymphatic systems.

Treatments can be used to make sure muscles are working to their optimum prior to or between events or used to relax and remove waste products following activity.