Your First Osteopathy Treatment


OsteopathyDuring your Initial Consultation your Osteopath will take a complete medical history taking time to ask you questions and listening to you describe any problems you may have. You will be asked details on lifestyle, serious illnesses, past and current injuries, medication you are currently takingĀ and any scans you may have had. It is always very useful to bring along any x-rays or results of investigations.

You may be asked to remove items of clothing or undress to your underwear if necessary. If this makes you uncomfortable many patients like to wear shorts or loose clothing, towels and blankets are also available to cover you up.

Your Osteopath will then ask you to perform some simple movements to determine function and examine you using a variety of Osteopathic, Orthopedic and Neurological assessments. The Osteopath will then discuss the diagnosis with you and an appropriate treatment plan. Exercises will be given to help you to continue to rehabilitate your injury, speeding your recovery time.

If you would feel more comfortable bringing a chaperone with you we are always very happy to accommodate them.